Ear Flap Hat

Had a go a making an ear flap hat today. It’s getting cold and I need something to protect my ears when I’m out on my scooter. It would probably have worked better with more contrasting yarn but it was all I had in that thickness. The pattern is from Etsy, you can find it …


Pom Pom Wreath

I’m totally in Christmas decoration mode now. Everything has to be colourful! Luckily I have lots of colourful yarn left over after making the granny stripe blanket. I just made lots of pompoms and tied them to a wire wreath base. I glue gunned them all on once I was decided on the positioning and …



It’s nearly Christmas so I’ve been making baubles to decorate the tree and house. The pattern is another by the wonderful Set Free My Gypsy Soul and you can find it here.


After making a blanket, I wanted to make some smaller projects so this time I decided on hats – makes sense seeing as the weather is getting so cold! I used this pattern by Set Free my Gypsy Soul on Etsy


Having not crocheted anything for years I decided the first project I would tackle would be a blanket. Seems kind of crazy seeing as I have never made anything that has taken longer than a day or two. I decided to go for the Granny Stripe Blanket by Attic 24 because it looked simple but …