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Many people have got in touch with me to ask if they can use my artwork in their presentations etc to help educate people about autism. I am really happy for people to do that. I created these comics to get my feelings out and never imagined they would be able to help others but it seems they do. I am so grateful for that.

I absolutely do not give permission for you to repost my art on social media. You’re welcome to use shares and retweets etc but if you save my work and upload it, I will file a copyright report. Thanks.

So, if you would like to use my work in a non-profit, educational way, you are welcome to. Please consider making a donation though as I put a lot of work in to what I do.

You can donate here .

My art is not to be used in any commercial way. If you promote or practice ABA or have any links to Autism $peaks, you absolutely do not have any rights to use my work.

Thank you


  1. Hi!
    Twitter has blocked a lot of people by accident recently. I’m not sure what is going on, sorry! What’s your @. I think I’ve found you and unblocked you but I’m not 100% i have the right Sara! So sorry about this

  2. Hi Beth,

    I am from a local authority autism team and was was wondering whether you were willing to give a talk about your artwork and experiences at one of our team development days. We are keen to know if this is something you would be interested in, and how much you would charge. If you are interested, please let me know an email address that we could contact you on with a little more information.

    Many thanks,

    Jess Hakin

      • Hi Beth.
        I just discovered your work and love it. I was hoping to find you had a book of comics about C-PTSD. Maybe in the future.
        I saw this request above for you to educate others while making a bit of money to support the great things you do and, as someone with a moderately severe disability that creates a need to find creative ways to accommodate it, I thought I might make a suggestion. (Not that I’m implying your inability to speak in public is a disability, only perhaps that we all have things that we find difficult that may need creative solutions.) Anyway, I think you have a valuable perspective and perhaps there may be a creative solution that would allow you to share it without having to get up in front of people. Maybe you could do a pre-recorded video then make yourself available for a live internet chat after (without a video link) to answer questions from the audience. Or perhaps you could write up an informational article with the information they are looking for and they could have someone read it during one of their development days. They could send a list of questions in advance so you could be sure to address the particular areas of your work they find most interesting and exciting.
        I know whether you choose to speak about your life is really none of my business but
        I firmly believe that as people who don’t fit neatly in society’s little boxes it is better to educate the world ourselves so that we might make things easier for the next generation, maybe even for ourselves. I believe that this is why we do what we do as artists. Opportunities to speak about our work (our lives that lead us to create it) are precious and we must take advantage of them whenever, and however, possible.
        All the best to you.

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