1. I love your cartoons and recently received a lovely one about autism via facebook. I am autistic and would like a permanent link to the poster ( what not to say…) .

  2. I am a survivor of sex trafficking. I have complex PTSD. I struggle with it. It is hard to get people to understand. Your doodle is so amazing. I was touched. I am currently a college student. I am writing a paper on C-PTSD and how educators can be supportive. I am also finishing a class on child sex trafficking. Would you allow me the honor of sharing your explanation of C-PTSD with 2 of my professors? I want to make sure you get credit but I also want to help them understand what I experience. Your doodle is very helpful. Thank you for your consideration in this.

  3. oh my goodness Beth – you validated soooooo much for me here – and i love the rainbow theme too – it explains so well the alternate states of consciousness that flow in and outside of me. i would love to talk to you more!

  4. I found this short comic when I most needed it, on the phone to a new doctor I was reminded of my diagnosis.. something I never truly understood or got much help for given the poor state of the mental health system. I’ve never been able to put it into words or even visualise it.. thank you so much for making such an informative and reassuring comic, it truly helped me understand myself and understand that I’m not alone, this might just be my first step in healing and understanding myself. I pray you, the author, are recovering and getting all the love you deserve in this life. Thank you x

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