Using My Work

Many people have got in touch with me to ask if they can use my artwork in their presentations etc to help educate people about autism. I am really happy for people to do that. I created these comics to get my feelings out and never imagined they would be able to help others but …


Autistic Style

I drew this based on a selfie I took the other day before I went out. Over time I have learnt a lot about what helps me cope when I venture out into the world. I love it when people *share* my comics but please ****do NOT repost* my work*** (*saving it and uploading it …


Identity First Language

I, and most of the autistic people I know prefer Identity First Language – They are autistic people, I am autistic. Person First Language is insulting to many of us (using ‘Person with autism’). Autism is integral to our identity. Please note: If an autistic person wishes to use PFL it is important to respect …


Autistic Enamel Pins

I am Autistic, not a person with autism. Identity first language is important to me. My autism isn’t a separate entity, it’s not something I have or that I live with. Autism is an intrinsic part of my identity. Lots of people (usually allistics) try and insist on person first language (person with autism) despite …


Eye Contact

To better explain this I asked lots of autistic people how eye contact feels for them. If you would like to add your experiences to this please tweet @doodle_beth. I would love to hear from you like a combination of stinging and two similar poles of magnets being forced together — Despicable Hyena (@autisticfeels) June …


Focusing on the good things

However difficult I am finding things, however dark the thoughts, however much anxiety is holding my body hostage, I try and find good things to focus on. For me it’s cats and going outside and being in my garden. I find nature very soothing.

ME Awareness Day

It’s ME Awareness day so I made this for everyone with ME and other invisible illnesses. I’ve had Fibromyalgia for nearly thirteen years. Four years ago I was struck down with ME and spent the best part of three years in bed. Then I improved and it was amazing. Something went wrong a few months …