Colourful Cushion

The pattern for this is by Set Free My Gypsy Soul and was in issue 74 of Mollie Makes I made the two sides slightly different colour schemes so I can flip it over when I want a change. I am totally in love with this cushion!

Chunky Cowl

I wanted to make this chunky cowl by SFMGS but our local yarn shop didn’t have any fun colours in chunky so I had to make do with what they had. I definitely want to make another in more funky colours. Because I didn’t like the colours so much, I ended up adding lots of …


Battery Pack Cover

Daz got me an extra battery pack thing for charging my phone back in the summer because Pokemon Go uses up so much battery. It had a boring black case but I seem to have lost it so I made a super colourful one to replace it. I just made it up as I went …