Using My Work

Many people have got in touch with me to ask if they can use my artwork in their presentations etc to help educate people about autism. I am really happy for people to do that. I created these comics to get my feelings out and never imagined they would be able to help others but it seems they do. I am so grateful for that.

I absolutely do not give permission for you to repost my art on social media. You’re welcome to use shares and retweets etc but if you save my work and upload it, I will file a copyright report. Thanks.

So, if you would like to use my work in a non-profit, educational way, you are welcome to. Please consider making a donation though as I put a lot of work in to what I do.

You can donate here .

My art is not to be used in any commercial way. If you promote or practice ABA or have any links to Autism $peaks, you absolutely do not have any rights to use my work.

Thank you

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